SureCall FlexPro 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster

SureCall is a mobile phone signal booster manufacturer that prides themselves of great quality signal boosters. Their signal boosters are known for outstanding performance and reliability, as well as great value for every buck you spend on their boosters.

In this article, we will talk about the SureCall FlexPro 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster. This is a 2G and 3G signal booster that has loads of antenna options you can choose from depending on what floats your boat.

To know more about the SureCall FlexPro 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster, here are its features:

  • Simple Plug and Play operation
  • Fully compliant with new FCC certification standards and approved by all major US carriers
  • Dual Embedded CPU
  • Eight RSSI detectors for all inputs and outputs
  • Auto Gain Control (AGC) and manually adjustable dB gain and attenuation
  • Three Year Warranty

The SureCall FlexPro 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a signal booster that is designed to be used in homes and small offices. It can broadcast signals of up to 6,000 feet; provided that there are no physical obstructions.

As previously mentioned, you can choose which external and internal antennas you want to be included in this mobile phone signal booster kit.

For the external antenna, you can either have the SC-288W Omnidirectional Outdoor antenna or the SC-230W-S Yagi Outdoor Antenna. The former is an omnidirectional antenna that is perfect for people who have homes and offices that are located below 30 miles away from their service provider’s cell tower.

The latter is a yagi-directional antenna that is perfect for people who are situated far away (or more than 30 miles from the cell tower). Do note that the yagi-directional antenna, albeit great for large distances, is only a one-directional antenna and should be directed to the cell tower of your service provider.

For the internal antennas, the SureCall FlexPro 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster kit has either the SC-222 Omni-Dome Antenna or the SC-248 Panel Antenna. The former is like its external antenna counterpart in that it rebroadcasts signals in all directions.

The latter is like a yagi-directional antenna in which you can direct the antenna to boost signals in a fixed point.

As always with all Surecall mobile phone signal boosters, you can choose between many different options.

So, how do you choose which antenna suits you best? As stated earlier, if your home or office is situated near your Service provider’s cell tower, always opt for the omnidirectional outdoor antenna. If you’re far away, go for the yagi-directional outdoor antenna.

For the internal antenna, the best you can get is the omnidirectional antenna and the panel antenna should only be used if you want to concentrate the cell signals in a fixed location.

Installing the SureCall FlexPro 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster is pretty easy. Go to the highest point of your house and whip out your mobile phone. If you’re using the yagi-directional antenna, check with your mobile phone and see where the best angle you can get the most signals from. After that, point the yagi-directional antenna towards that direction.

If you’re using the omnidirectional antenna, you just have to simply mount the external antenna on the roof of your home or office.

Both of the internal antennas can be wall mounted. If you have the omnidirectional internal antenna, just place it in the middle of your home. If you’re using a panel antenna, point the antenna towards the direction where you want to get boosted signals.

After placing the antennas in their appropriate placements, just plug all of the antennas in their respective ports, power up the signal booster, and you’re done!

The SureCall FlexPro 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster is great for home and office use and it only costs $560.